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Hannibal (s2)

Supernatural (s9)

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Being Human UK/US (s2)

Pysch (s7)

Elementary (ep2)

Raffles (ep12)

The Almighty Johnsons (s1)

White Collar (s2)

Young Justice (s1)

Game of Thrones (s4)

Gravity Falls (s2)

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The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Lord of The Rings by JRR Tolkien

The Amateur Cracksman by E.W. Hornung

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

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SacAnime Winter 2015

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Anna. 22. ISFP. College. Shediaphile. I have a huge obsession for cartoons, movies, cats and comics. This is a half personal, half art blog.


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Photos of me from Vancon 2014 taken by the incredible stardustandmelancholy

Do yourself a favour and check out her work!

I couldn’t help myself [Insp by this post]


Wip! the art block is strong in me these days

Certain circumstances have left me resorting to couch surfing. With no source of steady income, moving into a new place isn’t easy. Which is why I’m opening my storenvy again. All products in the store will be under pre-order status until I have enough money to buy postage and ship them out, which will most likely be by the 25th of this month.

You can visit and order from the store here.

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Thank you.

sonny-s asked: castiel in number 1 plz


first commission for riseofthefallenone!!

this was hecka fun to draw omgg



If I wanted that I’d just watch the show