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jfc why is every songwriter in the universe obsessed with my otp


For quietnina, who requested some Chell/Wheatley for their Portal Secret Santa, and since people seemed to react so favorably to my recent Splinter painting, I decided to break out the old painting skills and draw a lil slice o’ life snoozing. Here’s hoping you like it and have a great holiday

~~*~**(~˘▾˘)~ .。.:*・ ★.*。♥


Remember that one time Doyle’s brother-in-law wrote a four-volume AU fanfiction with gay thieves in love and when he got it published everyone was like, aw, cute.



That is smooth as fuck, John.

No but seriously, this was perfect.

Because like he said, John’s not good at this stuff. He’s not good at flowery speeches or talking about his feelings (wow, I wonder why he and Sherlock get along so well?), and the idea of laying his heart bare to tell Mary what he really felt about her was clearly terrifying for him. The first time he tried going the formal route with the fancy dinner and the emotional speech, because that’s what you’re supposed to do isn’t it?, but holy crap did that not work. Even before Sherlock showed up trying to pull off the Worst Idea Ever, John was making a right old meal out of trying to propose to Mary and the only reason it didn’t go worse was because Mary is too kind to ever make John feel bad about that kind of thing.

But this? This is John. This is the man who says “I love you” by tackling a serial killer for you, the man who will give his whole life for you but never say a word about it. He isn’t good at talking about his feelings, and so this thing you can’t even really call a proposal is the purest expression of himself and how he feels.

And as for Mary, well. Some other women might be upset that they didn’t get a fancy proposal or a declaration of undying devotion. Mary just declares herself his fiancee and gets on with it. Man, what a perfect match.


Oh Mr Raffles, ooh.

Mr. and Mrs. Watson


gotta draw at least one proper wall kissing right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Headcanon; John’s got really cold hands all the time, and Dorian’s are surprisingly warm, so he’s always being like ‘you don’t wear gloves you should let me warm your hands up man it’s good to have warm hands’ and most of the time he wins that argument


I keep going back to refinish old sketches because I’m too lazy to start new ones hahah a